to the moon
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It does make me happy however that after listening to him so much in my childhood, I can immediately tell when Andrea Bocelli comes on. Such a good tone.

God dammit the song I chose for my babcia’s funeral just came on. Thwarted by opera..


Labyrinth is 50% glitter and 50% David Bowie’s crotch and that is why its so beautiful.

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Found out I’m not getting picked up until five and I’m all ready and packed. So I’m blasting my Pavarotti pandora station until then. Hope my neighbors can dig it. If not too bad for them~

it’s 3AM and I’m supposed to be up and ready to go by 11 tomorrow morning. but I am just way too excited for the next four days so I guess I’m pulling an all-nighter. 

on the bright side I made a car playlist since Luna’s ipod died and appointed me to music duty. plus I need to make sure I have everything we need because I’d rather not forget anything important.

pretty damn excited for Seadogs this weekend! our camp is a lot more organized than it was last year, and Fire Boy and I are actually able to contribute which is fantastic. plus we have more garb and supplies so we are super excited!
obviously there won’t be wifi so I won’t be able to share all the fun until we get back home on Monday (we leave Thursday morning) but I’ll try to take a shit ton of photos this time around.

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